Liverpool Lively in Opening Two Victories

By Aydin Reyhan
Kolo Toure
Photo courtesy of Liverpool’s official Facebook page

Brendan Rogers arrived at the scene last season, but instilling his style of play into the minds of the Anfield players was a bit harder than was anticipated. Liverpool played well at times and won games they deserved to, but they lost ones they shouldn’t have, especially with their squad and smart 4-3-3 attacking formation.

With the likes of Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge and Steven Gerrard, this is a team that is led by three full internationals who are all game-changers. Each has their own specialty and all of those aspects are extremely important in the success of this club.

Currently, Suarez is serving a ten match ban due to a biting incident from the previous season. He actually wanted to depart from the team but no deal was done and does not look likely at any time soon. Therefore, he will finish the ban and begin starting on the right hand side looking to make an even bigger impact this season than last as the team is on the hunt for a top four finish.

Former captain Jamie Carragher recently retired, and his replacement, Kolo Toure, has been nothing short of solid in his place at center-back. He locks down his man throughout the match, clears the danger and barks out orders when necessary to keep the players near him organized to prevent opponent attacks. His presence is desperately needed by this team to keep the back line intact.

Coach Rogers has to be happy with the team’s performance thus far and will only smile more if the team carries on this form. Of course, there is still the matter of playing tougher opponents so getting results against them will make their case better in top-tier league finish.

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