Toulouse Suggest Swapping Planes For Cristiano Ronaldo

By Stowe Gregory
Image via @toulousefc

Toulouse FC suggested, in jest, that they would give Real Madrid planes in exchange for Cristiano Ronaldo.

The club, who are located in the South West of France, posted on their official website a jokingly created rumor that stated an idea where they would swap two new Airbus A380s for Ronaldo.

Airbus’ factory is located very close to the Toulouse stadium, so that fills in the gaps if you’re confused so far. They stated that as they have no where near enough money for big name transfers, a Russian or Qatari billionaire, that they would exchange two new Airbus models straight out of the factory to fund for the cost of Ronaldo.

Their French humor continued as they described that it was their duty to complete the dreams of Toulouse fans who work in the Airbus factories. It was also suggested that an airfield would be built outside Real Madrid’s stadium, allowing Ronaldo to depart within 0.7 seconds.

With all the nonsense that goes on in the summer transfer window it is nice to see a smaller club, who have lost their best player Eteinne Capoue, lightly make fun of all the big buck clubs who are allowing their Euros or Pounds to slosh about the market at will.

As bizarre as it does sound, though, will we ever see the day where two clubs agree on a deal where the owners exchange personal possessions or even ideas such as the one amusingly suggested by Toulouse?

Don’t fear Real Madrid fans; even if the planes in this fantasy deal would equal several million Euros, you won’t be losing Ronaldo just yet.

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