MLS: NYRB Has to Defeat DC Tonight

By Aydin Reyhan
Thierry Henry
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The NYRB will host DC United at 8 p.m. EDT at Red Bull Arena in a game that the home side absolutely has to win … not just for bragging rights but to stay near the top of the Eastern Conference. They have the tools to win it all, but DC is no underdog in this Route 95 derby.

Tonight, the attacking, defensive and midfield players have to be nearly at their best for the home side. Not only do they have to do their own jobs to perfection, they have to fill in for their teammates when moved out of position during an offensive or defensive play. Talking is extremely important to direct traffic. Also, passing the ball in a timely and precise manner can also be a huge difference in this 90-minute matchup.

Captain Thierry Henry has to be so much better than he has been in recent matches. He does not run back as much to help out defensively and is making constant errors both on and off the ball in the final third. He enjoys having the ball at his feet but sometimes he stands still, almost daring the opponent to attack him to either win a free kick or pull off an amazing skill move. Regardless, he has to think quick, make the right runs, get rid of the ball on time and shoot the ball accurately form close range.

For DC, the former Red Bull in Dwayne De Rosario has to pull off some of his magic tonight as he will be an essential figure in that attacking midfield position inside the final third … especially if his team mates are overwhelmed or off of their game.

Tonight will be a great game to watch and surely to be a part of for both sides. If it ends in a tie, disappointment will be the true definition regardless of how many chances are hit and missed.

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