New York City FC Reportedly Wants to Build Stadium Near Yankees Stadium

By Phil Naegely
New York City FC
USA Today Sports

After plans to build a new stadium complex in Queens faced much opposition, New York City Football Club is eyeing a parcel of land close to Yankee Stadium, according the New York Times. NYCFC will start their MLS play in 2015 and will play all home games at Yankee Stadium.

NYCFC is planning on trying to acquire a nine-acre piece of land between the Major Deegan Expressway and East 153rd Street.

“We’ve had preliminary discussions,” Randy Levine, the president of the Yankees, said, “but we’re a long way from any decision. We’re also considering sites in Queens and Brooklyn.”

Levine also clearly stated that they are looking at pieces of land that do not include park lands. Park lands was one of the reasons why the initial Queens plan faced a lot of community opposition.

Additionally, the reported Brooklyn site is very close to public transportation that connects to Yankee Stadium and Gateway Center.

While NYCFC is far from finalizing buying land to build their stadium, it looks like they are on the right track. Building a stadium near public transportation is key to getting fans to and from the stadium, especially in a congested city landscape.

NYCFC still has a long way to go before selecting their permanent stadium location. For now, they will play at Yankee Stadium when they enter MLS in 2015, but that could last longer at this point. The community has been one of NYCFC’s opponents to their stadium plans, and could affect them on the horizon.

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