MLS: Seattle Keep Winning By One

By Aydin Reyhan
Eddie Johnson
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle is a MLS team that has been performing magnificently since their 3-1 loss to Houston a few weeks back. Their last three matches were all won by a score of 1-0: Eddie Johnson scored the winners against the Timbers at home and Columbus away, with Lamar Neagle taking that honor last night against Chivas in Seattle.

Now here is what is good about this plain old 1-0 scoreline: the defense managed to gift their goal keeper with a shutout while the offense managed to put the ball into the back of net just enough to give them what they needed — three valuable points. In soccer, winning 1-0 is all it takes to be truly victorious, and Seattle seems to be improving with this score line.

What Seattle has to do is continue to play solid defense to keep their opponents away from the frame in their own end while their offense keeps on winning games for them. The team has the talent to keep on doing this, but if lady luck decides to switch her attention to the other side and they do lose their own focus, winning games will be extremely difficult.

Right now, the team has to keep all of their players happy. Since Clint Dempsey is making roughly $8 million a year, a player like Johnson could be a bit jealous and could even react angrily at the fact that he is making pocket change compared to the other guy. EJ has been scoring for both club and country at will, so for him to make much less than Dempsey is simply not fair.

Therefore, if Seattle want to keep him in the city, they better increase his wage as soon as possible.

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