Why is Erman Kilic Departing Gala After Only Three Months?

By Aydin Reyhan
Erman Kilic
Photo courtesy of Erman Kilic’s official Facebook page

Three months ago, Galatasaray signed arguably the best player available on Sivasspor‘s roster — Erman Kilic, who is a 29-year-old warrior in the midfield.

He was the captain of the side at the time and even though they were nowhere as talented as the top four clubs in Turkish Super League, they always managed to be a thorn in the sides of opponents, and they certainly have Kilic to thank for occasional success.

The veteran midfielder rules the midfield with his work ethic. Whether he drops back to help his back line or pushes the ball into the final third to distribute or even set himself up, the guy is dangerous for opponents who do not know what to expect of him. This capability is one of the main reasons why Gala signed him in the first place.

However, believe it or not, he was never expected to start for Gala in the first place, which leads me to this shocking bit of news: Kilic has already been transferred to Eskisehirspor.

He joined three months ago with nothing but happiness in his mind and heart. The fact that he would be playing under one of the best coaches in Turkish history, Fatih Terim, was good enough of a reason to join the club. However, being captain to a mid-table team then joining the top club never truly guaranteed a big role. Therefore, this sudden departure should not come as such a huge surprise.

Now, at Eskisehirspor, Kilic will have a much better chance of starting and perhaps playing a star role at a club that is continuously on the rise. In fact, the last time they played in a league game was a 0-0 home draw against the reigning champions Galatasaray. With his experience of Sivas, he can definitely lead an already surprisingly talented midfield.

Kilic follows former Gala striker Necati Ates from the Istanbul club a year later to Eskisehir. Together, they can lead this decently young side to new heights with other assets such as Erkan Zengin and Diego playing their respective roles on the field.

At the end of the day, what Gala did to the player is not right. At the same time, letting him go to a club where he will definitely play is admirable.

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