WC Qualifying: Group B Provides Toughest Matches

By Aydin Reyhan
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of the FIFA World Cup

WC Qualifying resumes tomorrow with two games from Group B that are both mouth-watering: Italy-Czech Republic and ArmeniaDenmark.

On paper, these games may not seem like much. But if we judge based on the last time these games were played, we are in for excitement.

Italy tied in the Czech Republic 0-0 but the hosts missed a plethora of chances that left audiences on the edge of their seats. So many chances were taken but neither side could score. Regardless, this was a game that was not quickly forgotten.

Therefore, tomorrow live from Italy, the Azurri will be hosting the Czech Republic are will be looking to bounce back from a shock 2-1 home defeat to Armenia. This is a game that will not be easy by any means for either side, but the visitors have more of a need to be victorious.

As for the Armenia-Denmark match-up, this fixture produced one of the most shocking results the first time it was played: Denmark (zero), Armenia (four) … that is right folks, the Danes lost to the Armenians 4-0 at home.

However, even though the score was lop-sided, there is a necessity to be honest: yes, the Armenians score four unanswered goals but the home side did stop playing defense after going 2-0 down due to the shock of the bad luck that was thrown down to them.

No one is attempting to take anything away from the Armenians, but scoring four goals against a defense that did not seem to care is giving them a bit too much credit. If they want to prove that the first meeting was no fluke, they have win convincingly on home ground tomorrow night. It is as simple as that.

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