Fatih Terim May Choose to Only Coach Turkey

By Aydin Reyhan
Fatih Terim

Fatih Terim is the coach that every single Turkish soccer fan is buzzing about. Not only are they discussing and boasting his coaching for Galatasaray and Turkey, they are spreading rumors that he may choose to stick around only for the national team.

If that is to happen, there is a rumor stating that old Man City boss Roberto Mancini may take the reins at Gala. Mancini won the Premier League title in 2012, but failed to advance out of the Champions League group stage on two straight occasions. He knows how to bring the best out of his players, but Galatasaray are of a different breed.

Terim has a father-son relationship with his group of guys for both club and country. He knows exactly how motivate his players and gives them that special belief. The players actually enjoy practicing and playing for him with all of their abilities. Therefore, if he is to leave Gala, the team will be in trouble.

Let’s remember that this is only a rumor, and that he actually wants to stay as head coach at Gala. Simultaneously, he will want to stay aboard as the head man of the national side since he is making miracles happen. He is only coaching Turkey because he was asked during a desperate time. With two wins from two games, he will only be asked to continue if he wins both of the upcoming games next month against Estonia and Holland.

Coach Mancini arriving in Istanbul to take over his job wouldn’t be the worst, but it certainly will not be the best fit by any means …  at first. He is a type of coach that needs time to promote his system and maintain control of his players.

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