Real Madrid: How will Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale Shine Together?

By Aydin Reyhan
Gareth Bale
Photo courtesy of Gareth Bale’s Facebook page

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale finally shook hands ahead of club training earlier today. They are friendly right now before any game has been played, but it will be difficult for them to get along on the field.

Both players are fast, skilled and are capable of scoring stunning goals both from distance and close range. The issue is as follows: who will possess the ball more and who will their teammates and coaches look at to win them big games? The answer: who it has been all along — Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has been starting as the left winger in the 4-2-3-1 formation, and he has played at a superstar level. How many times he has scored the game-winning goal is countless at the moment. He is good. No, in fact, he is brilliant. The arrival of Bale does not compromise his position or his worth by any means whatsoever.

Bale started as a left-back, switched to a left-mid and now plays as a center-forward. This all occurred at Tottenham, where he truly blossomed into the star that he is today. He will be a difference-maker in that position.

Now, there is one person that he could replace in the starting lineup: Karim Benzema. The Frenchman has been inconsistent of late and now with the arrival of the Welshman, he will get his chance after being paid the most expensive amount of money ever to join the Spanish capital.

Bale claimed that Ronaldo is still in charge of the team on the field. He is simply joining to better himself and to help his club reach new heights. He is ready to be a team player.

Now is the time to be serious: he cost more money than Ronaldo, which means that management trusts him to the fullest. Eventually, he wants to become the face of the club and perhaps take over CR7’s role as the superstar. It is simple politics.

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