USA Now Ranked 13th in FIFA World Rankings

By Aydin Reyhan
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The USA is now ranked at No. 13 in the FIFA World Rankings after a run of decent results, most recently against Mexico in a  2-0 home victory. They have coach Klinsmann to thank for this brilliant run.

Klinsmann arrived, took a bunch of players, and instilled the German system into their brains and styles of play. He knows how and where to put the guys on the field. and also understands who can do what to bring glory to the side. He is exactly what this team needed, especially with the WC just months away.

The only poor result the US has suffered recently was a 3-1 defeat in Costa Rica this past Friday night. Some players were missing, but the ones who took part in the game were simply overwhelmed by the hostile crowd and the urgency of the opposing players. Being intimidated by the crowd and letting their nerves get the better of them is the main aspect on their game that they have to work on before heading to Brazil next year.

When the team plays a 4-2-3-1 they are decently balanced, but they do not have enough of an attacking prowess to cause damage, unlike Real Madrid who make their bread money to score on the counter. When they switch to the good old 4-4-2, they have four midfielders who can hold possession and construct decent attacks for the two strikers who are capable of scoring at will.

The formations are worked on continuously by the players and coach alike, so they can make it nearly perfect as soon as possible. Klinsmann is the man to lead them to greatness as soon as possible.

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