Champions League: Gala Game Plan for Real

By Aydin Reyhan
Real Madrid
Photo courtesy of Real Madrid’s official Facebook page

Tomorrow marks the opening game for Galatasaray in the Champions League. Their opponent: Real Madrid. Their game plan is as follows:

Defend the ball with at least seven guys back at all times, but attack with the ball with everyone except for the center- backs. They should not fear the quality, speed, strength and overall ability of their opponents. They have to face this team head-on and do so for the entirety of the 90 plus minutes.

The wingbacks will push up continuously to help press the attack at an even quicker and more powerful pace against a Real side who are not used to playing against their own formation. The defensive mids will also be responsible for distributing the ball to their strikers, as well as taking shots themselves from time to time.

Didier Drogba will drop to left attacking-mid since he likes to drop back and help out his mid and defense. Burak Yılmaz has to score in this match or at least set another player up. If he is off, Umut Bulut has to come on and play as fearlessly as he usually does.

For Real, Gareth Bale could play on the outside left or right, but since Karim Benzema is off of his scoring game, the Welshman should start up top since he ends up scoring mainly from inside that danger area. Cristiano Ronaldo, Luke Modric and Isco are all creative players, so they will do their job as best they can and at times drop back to stop the opposing attack.

The back four will have trouble, but will most likely hold firm throughout the match.

This match will be hard for the home side since they are facing one of the very best sides in the world. However, the visitors themselves will face trouble as the home side will not back down from them by any means, and their fans will boo them continuously.

Last season, Gala won on this very ground 3-2 over Real. Tomorrow night will be for the first three points of the new UCL group stage. Whoever wins this will make a huge statement.

Prediction: Galatasaray 1 — Real Madrid 3

The home side will score on one of their many chances, but the visitors will show their true class difference and score a couple on the counter, with the other being brilliantly set up.

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