David Moyes Is Bringing The Best Out Of Wayne Rooney Again

By Stowe Gregory
Wayne Rooney

Manchester United manager David Moyes appears to be bringing the best out of Wayne Rooney once again.

Over the last two seasons, particularly the most recent, it was evident Rooney’s standards were slipping, and that is one of the reasons a lot United fans would have been happy to see him leave, given the fact he wanted out from the club. But with the man who brought him into professional football back as his manager, it seems the form that makes Rooney one of the world’s best is on the way back.

Under Sir Alex Ferguson‘s leadership last season, Rooney’s fitness were certainly lacking and when he was on the pitch; his desire to succeed seemed to be at a low too. He was being played in positions that didn’t bring out the best in him. He was doing jobs that were deeper, out wide or with Robin Van Persie as the priority. But Moyes seems to still have the admiration for Rooney that Ferguson, perhaps, lost towards the end of his era at the club. Maybe that is due to Moyes wanting to start everything fresh or perhaps it is the links to the past, but it seems to be having a postitive effect.

This new, improved Rooney was apparent when playing Bayern Leverkusen. He looks much quicker and sharper than the man we saw last season, and his drive going forward is seriously dangerous. He seems to be more accepting of Van Persie’s importance now, but that is mainly because he is now being partnered with him under Moyes. Moyes has brought in a new midfielder in Marouane Fellaini, which allows Rooney this clear identity once again as a striker. We won’t see him filling in at center midfield or having to drop far deeper, and I don’t think we will see him ever got dropped for big games again. It is, and will be, benefitting Rooney over this season to help him get back the desire to be the best player he can.

His future is still uncertain and it always seems unhealthy in terms of his relations with the club, but his form is on the rise. After a miserable campaign last time, it is important for him and United that this is in fact happening.

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