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10 Areas Arsenal Can Still Improve in This Season

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Ten Improvements Arsenal Need To Make

The Emirates Stadium
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After a scary start at home to Aston Villa for Arsenal, the events that have followed on have been positive and promising for Arsene Wenger's team.

From the arrival of a World Class talent in Mesut Ozil and high scoring wins both in Europe and in the Premier League, the club seem to have a bounce about them despite what everyone said.

However, there are still areas the club can still improve on, and this slideshow discusses those matters. It is not a damming of the team who I believe are in a better place than most make out, but there are issues to address and a few areas that need fixing.

Perhaps what does go overlooked ,however, is that there are more factors than just buying players. What about the Youth Academy and its lack of significant results? And the huge ticket costs that Gooners must dish out on in order to support a team who have failed to provide pleasing results in recent years.

Wenger has the ship on the correct course, but he needs to iron out a few things if they went all to look rosy once again. I believe the squad is in a brilliant shape in terms of its dynamics. I feel they all link up well and no one really looks out of place anymore. They all have the ability to step up to the plate and perform. I feel the players with a lack of mental strength, that were getting near the team, have now left and instead it is a together and confident collection of players.

But as already stated, things are never perfect; so here are ten areas Arsenal can improve on this season.

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10. Backup for Olivier Giroud

Arsenal strikers transfers
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Arsenal have got a Frenchman, Olivier Giroud, in fine form currently, but to depend on him the entire season is an incredible ask. If he stays fit then he can provide the goals, but it's not the type of situation a league winning side finds themselves in - one striker. However, Theo Walcott can slip into the central role and Yaya Sanogo is an option. But really Giroud is the only recognized striker, and that problem needs to be addressed in January.

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9. Strengthen Defensive Options

per mertesacker
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When they're all fit, the actual individual quality of Arsenal's defense is good. But, there is a real shortage for defensive options. Arsenal seem to suffer a lot of injuries and they need to find at least one center back in January - not because the current ones are bad, but purely because they are short on numbers for four competitions.

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8. Home Form

Emirates Stadium
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Arsenal's home form is something that if turned around can benefit them massively. When things go wrong at the Emirates, it all seems to get extremely gloomy and negative. Their away form has been fantastic even last season, and if they can convert that to the home games then they'll be on course for something great. I don't think teams fear The Emirates currently.

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7. Reward Loyal Fans

Arsenal logo
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Arsenal could do a lot in improving the relations between club and fans. One of the ways in doing this would be to give fairer ticket prices to those supporters who have been season ticket holders for many years now and have paid extortionate prices. Something more than a nice letter in the post is required like something actually practical and a clear statement of thanks.

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6. A World Class Holding Midfield

Abou Diaby
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For Arsenal's team to look like one of the best in the League once again they need a defensive midfielder who is actually one of the best in the world. Not a young risk, not an average player and not another attempt at trying Abou Diaby. They need someone who will sit in their midfield like Gilberto Silva used to do and allow the others to create with the knowledge there is a solid hub behind them.

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5. Leaders

Jack Wilshere - Arsenal and England
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Over the past decade the leaders in the Arsenal team have decreased. There appears to be one or two characters now emerging as the new leaders, but they could do with making a signing which includes a player who is capable of being another one. However, if the current leaders stand up and become stronger ones then it will benefit the team. They include: Per Mertesacker, Bacary Sagna, Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere.

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4. Younger Defenders

Arsenal vs Tottenham Emirates
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Arsenal don't really have anyone to look to the future with in terms of central defenders. You look at Manchester United and see two or three players who are already making their mark on the team but are still young. Arsenal could do with some younger faces to play in defense, but be assured they can step in immediately - so players with first team experience. The money is there; why not spend it?

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3. Promote From Within More Often

Aaron Ramsey Arsenal and Wales
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In recent years the only Youth Academy players who have actually made the first team as regulars have been Kieran Gibbs and Jack Wilshere. The rest were bought in from elsewhere. It is a real concern that there appears to be a lack of true quality coming from the Youth Academy and instead they are forced to look elsewhere.

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2. Keep Ahold Of Best Players

Cesc Fabregas Spain
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This summer was the first in a while where Arsenal added to the squad, rather than replaced. It was a step forward. They can't afford to cancel that out by letting any of their better players go like they have in the past with Cesc Fabregas and co. Numbers are important as is the feeling that the club is bigger than any other, so by retaining the best that feeling will return once again.

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1. Improve League Performance After Midweek European Games

Arsene Wenger Arsenal
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Arsenal in the past have struggled in the League game that follows on from the midweek Champions League encounters, particularly when they had a trip abroad. They need to iron out that weakness, and if they do they will improve their form over the course of the season.