Analyzing Galatasaray's Defeat Against Real Madrid

By Aydin Reyhan
Photo courtesy of Galatasaray’s official Facebook page

Today, a game that was expected to bring a lot of excitement, bravery, chances and success from the home side simply failed to do so. Galatasaray started arguably their best group of players but were absolutely overwhelmed by a Real Madrid team that were the better side from before they even stepped onto the field.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Isco, Benzema and Sergio Ramos are just some of the names that make this team as strong as they are. This group of players are still nowhere near their prime, which means that they will only get better with their skills, knowledge and hunger to grow.

The fans, coaching staff and opponent failed to bring out the very best from the home side for the entirety of the match. They began absolutely brilliantly as they could have gone one, or even two goals up against a Madrid team who were slightly overwhelmed at times. However, they caught some lucky breaks as none of the shots on goal were allowed in by either Casillas or Lopez.

The game-changing moment arrived in the second half when Burak Yilmaz missed a free header. After that whiff, Real Madrid played their counter-attacking game to perfection.

Gala gave the ball away without a single sweeper left in their defensive third, which led to Benzema sprinting at goal to eventually slot home the second of the night. Afterwards, Ronaldo added a simple hat-trick to his standards and dished out an assist to Benzema, who notched his double.

The point is this: Gala just defeated this team 3-2 in this very stadium roughly four months ago. Today, with a few changes to both teams, Gala ended up being demolished 6-1 due to defensive blunders. Actually, after 2-0, the team stopped trying in that region of the field, which led to a plethora of attacks by a fierce Real side who devoured defenses when given any type of opportunity.

This is an embarrassment that Gala will quickly look to forget, but it won’t be easy as their next opponent in the UCL is against Juventus … in Italy. Nothing is impossible, but this is surely close to it judging by their performance from today.

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