Fatih Terim Losing Control at Galatasaray

By Aydin Reyhan

Fatih Terim is one of the best, if not the very best, soccer coach that Turkey has to offer. He has recently coached Galatasaray to two straight Turkish Super League titles, and has been asked to temporarily take the reigns of the Turkish national team due to this success.

Well, no one said that coaching two sides simultaneously would be easy.

He coached Turkey to a 5-0 home win over Andorra, then, four days later in Romania, he watched his troops blank the home side 2-0 to keep their own World Cup Qualifying hopes and dreams alive.

At Galatasaray, however, the team performance has suffered greatly both in league and UCL play.

They have tied their last three league games to earn a  total of three of a possible nine total points. Currently, they side seven points behind league-leading and perfect 4-0 side Besiktas. They have a derby match this Sunday in what is considered BJK’s temporary home stadium, the Istanbul Ataturk Olympic Stadium.

Now, for the heart-throbbing result that was truly unexpected: Galatasaray lost to world power Real Madrid by a whipping score of 6-1 just four months after defeating them 3-2 in the last season’s quarterfinals. This was a result that was not expected by anyone, but at the same time, due to their horrible defensive plays, was a deserved one.

Terim may now be under slight fire, since he is splitting his concentration for both club and country. At the end of the day, Turkey’s presence at the WC will matter more to a wider audience than Gala’s performance at the club. However, his main salary is earned from what he does with Gala. Therefore, he may have to make a choice soon, or it will be made for him.

Once Terim’s short contract ends in April, at the helm of the national side, he will have to decide if he wants to continue there fill-time or end his stay with Galatasaray. Honestly, that will depend on whether Turkey makes the WC finals and also on Gala’s league and European performance.

Time will tell of his decision and performance, but knowing how Terim inspires his players and how he still has everyone’s respect, he should continue at Gala, and will most likely lead Turkey to play their very best soccer and perhaps make it to the qualifying playoff stage.

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