Manchester United: David Moyes Correctly Foreshadows Rough Times Ahead

By Phil Naegely
Manchester United
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After being embarrassed against Manchester City, Manchester United manager David Moyes warned United fans that similar defeats could be ahead. Because of a non-aggressive Summer transfer plan, which isn’t all on Moyes, he is correct in predicting that the team could suffer similar results going forward.

The only player United signed was Marouane Fellaini, but his contribution has been lacking. Additionally, United’s lack of signings means they have have zero depth. Moyes touched on the fact that United needs quality transfer targets to solve this issue.

Unfortunately for United, teams can’t sign players on other teams until the transfer window opens in January. Moreover, summer target Gareth Bale chose Real Madrid over Manchester United. If Bale had signed with United, then we wouldn’t be talking about United struggling.

Currently, they have seven points from five games and sit mid-table. For a powerhouse like United, a mid-table finish is unacceptable, and Moyes could be out after only one year under the helm. The winter transfer window and their ability to securing top talent will be key for Moyes and company.

If United fails to bring in quality talent, then their 2013-14 EPL season will be a big failure. On the other hand, if Moyes can add depth to the squad, United could make a run and win the EPL. Only time will tell which one will happen, but one thing is certain — United needs more offensive weapons than just Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie.

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