Monaco: Emmanuel Riviere Not Trusted Against PSG, Scores Against Bastia

By Aydin Reyhan
Photo courtesy of AS Monaco’s official Facebook page

Monaco‘s Emmanuel Riviere is just one goal shy of Radamel Falcao‘s tally of seven after today’s 3-1 victory over Bastia on home ground. He was energetic, hungry and ready… Just like he was at Paris Saint-Germain over the weekend in a game that he did not even play for a single minute…

This all begs the question: Why on earth did Riviere not even get to come off the bench in a game that Monaco could have easily stolen near the end? This much is for sure: He was not injured, there were no rumors of him being in a spat with coach Claudio Ranieri and there was no plan of putting him in later on as a secret weapon.

Well, here is one possibility that makes a bit of sense: Having both him and Falcao on the field at the same time against their toughest league opponents could have brought up the issues of pride and ego. Both players clearly would have wanted to score the tying or winning goal against the reigning champions, but at the end of the day, only one player could do it and that man was none other than Falcao.

Another reason is that Ranieri perhaps did not want to field an overly offensive lineup against a PSG side who could build up, counter and overpower almost any opponent in that division. If both players had started, defending would not be a top priority which could have left many holes on that red and white defense.

Regardless, surely both players will start against PSG in the home meeting later on in the season as they have proven today that they do work well with one another. Riviere netted once while Falcao ended the scoring with a brace of his won. If these two continue to play well together, Monaco could very well go on to win the league title on their return to the top flight.

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