Claims That Manchester United Won't Reach Top Four Are Incorrect

By Stowe Gregory
Manchester United Quiet Summer
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After Manchester United‘s worst Premier League start in history, many people are already claiming David Moyes‘ side will fail to reach a Champions League spot this season. But it is far too early to claim that, and you would be foolish to believe that they cannot turn things back around.

Following a 26 year reign of one manager at any club, the next man in is going to have a transitional period, and that is a fact. Add to the fact that United started with a very tough opening set of fixtures, and you can clearly see the reasons behind a start that has failed to gather momentum.

But I can still see the club reaching the top four this season, despite the knee jerk reactions that people seem to be having. It is true that this season seems to be the most open at the top than we have had in the past decade, but United will become good again, good enough to reach the top four.

The quality of the squad has been slammed after the poor start, which, although makes a little sense when comparing it to the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City, is proving wrong when you see that United won the League by 11 points last season. It wasn’t a fluke; that United side has real class in it. When things get going again for Moyes’ side, they will be tough once again.

I don’t think this season will be smooth sailing, and to be honest, I think it may be a little stretch too far to win the League at United. But they have the men to reach the top four.

The experience at United is second to none. There are wise heads in that squad that stand above any other player in English football. The likes of Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand are men that can only help, even if they’re not on the pitch.

But there is also experience from the less mature groups of players such as Wayne Rooney, Patrice Evra and Michael Carrick. These are men who have won the top titles in world club football. Then you look at the younger members of the squad, the ones who are in their early twenties – -they too have experienced a title pinched from them, but had the desire to earn it back the following campaign.

Once Moyes has really began to understand who his best set of players are, the results will come. It’s a building process, but the quality of players have the ability and awareness to sort things and out and find points. United fans shouldn’t panic; it’s not easy right now, but it is an inevitable period that must be seen through.

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