L.A. Galaxy's Bruce Arena, Robbie Keane Throw Unnecessary Tantrum over Call

By Phil Naegely
USA Today Sports

Remember when your parents told you “Don’t cry over spilled milk”? Well I do, but apparently L.A. Galaxy manager Bruce Arena and captain Robbie Keane don’t remember.

Keane and Arena had separate tantrums after Keane’s nicely-finished goal was called off for being offside. In the end, Keane was offside and gave the assistant referee a bunch of grief for nothing. To add even more insult, Arena vehemently showed distaste to the AR, who was unfortunately on the same side as the benches.

In the end, I was surprised Keane didn’t get a yellow card for dissent and throwing a full-on hissy fit. Secondly, it was good to see that the main referee trusted his assistant and went with the offside call. As the video clearly shows, the assistant made a bold but correct call as Keane was slightly offside.

Keane and Arena should be worrying about defending better on set pieces rather than publicly embarrassing themselves and their team. The ref made a call. If you don’t like it, swallow your pride and deal with it. In the end, the Galaxy didn’t lose because of the ref’s correct call. They lost because their team failed to play well defending Portland’s set pieces. It has been an issue all year, and it could keep the Galaxy from making postseason play.

Keane and Arena need to cool their jets next time around. It is almost certain that the Galaxy and Arena will be fined for mass confrontation, but MLS has yet to announce any fines or suspensions. Man up, Keane and Arena, and be the true leaders that the Galaxy desperately needs.

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