With Latest Horrific Reports, FIFA Needs to Move 2022 World Cup Out of Qatar

By Phil Naegely
sepp blatter
Witters Sport- USA Today Sports

If unbearably hot summer temperatures are not enough to keep Qatar from hosting the 2022 World Cup, then the latest allegations towards the Middle Eastern country might be. According to several reports, Qatar has treated workers building the stadiums very poorly, and it is time that FIFA pulls out of Qatar.

This latest reports of worker abuse is very troubling, and Sepp Blatter and company needs to put an end to these travesties. The best way to punish Qatar for mistreating these workers is to pull the tournament. According to several reports, workers have been mistreated and were not even allowed to drink water.

Come on now, it’s hot there. Let the workers drink water. Because of the reported injustices, many workers have died. Fifpro, the world professional footballers’ association, responded to the heinous actions by saying it is “deeply alarmed” by the findings.

FIFA’s executive committee will be meeting soon, and the 2022 World Cup will be one topic discussed. In light of recent allegations, it will be interesting to see what they decide in regards to the 2022 WC. Does it stay in Qatar? In the winter or summer? Does it move to another country?

Those are the many questions that need to be answered. Furthermore, will FIFA allow Qatar to get away with such heinous acts of forced labor? This is the 21st century,  and everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equally at work. Not allowing workers to drink water in extreme heat is ridiculous, and FIFA should not put up with it.

The time is now to move the games out of Qatar to a country that deserves the games and will treat their workers in a healthy, fair manner.

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