Scott Brown Has Himself To Blame Despite Neymar's Faking

By Stowe Gregory
Image via John Martin – Wikipedia Commons

Scott Brown only has himself to blame following his red card during Celtic’s 1-0 loss at home to Barcelona in the Champions League, despite Neymar‘s faking.

As Celtic fans made it obvious with their voices during the game, the behavior from Neymar after Brown kicked towards him was embarrassing and disrespectful. The Celtic captain’s attempt kick at the Brazillian’s back never actually made contact, so the rolling and pain faking antics from Neymar were aggravating for all watching, but Brown can have little complaints.

The situation arose purely from Brown, as he failed to control his emotions and lashed out. Had he avoided that, then I wouldn’t be writing this article on why he was sent off. He gave the referee the option to send him off; he made a swing. Even though he didn’t make contact with Neymar, the intent can warrant a straight red. I think it was a fair decision, and one that would be stupid to argue against.

However, Neymar has quite possibly ruined his relations with British football fans already. He clearly didn’t want Brown to get away with this petulant kick, but his reaction was childish. We all hate diving, but it’s just as bad to fake actual pain. He was screaming and rolling about, as if he was seriously suffering. It’s an all too common sight, but sadly for Neymar, it is not a rarity either. The exaggeration in his reactions is too much, as he is constantly trying to con the referee into making fouls appear worse than they really are. He faked the contact from Brown and made a fool of himself. Sadly for Celtic, it was the Brazillian who had the last laugh, as Cesc Fabregas headed home his side’s winner.

It was two individuals acting in shameful ways, but Brown can only blame himself, as Neymar’s reaction was a by-product of the Celtic captain’s actions.

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