UCL: Arsenal-Napoli Review

By Aydin Reyhan
Photo courtesy of Arsenal’s official Facebook page

The UCL‘s second round of group games returned today with a brilliant match from the group of death: ArsenalNapoli.

Live from the Emirates, the Londoners dazzled and even shocked their opponents thanks to the brilliant mastermind of an attacking midfielder that is Mesut Ozil, who netted the opening goal then set up Olivier Giroud for the second.

All of this happened inside the opening 15 minutes.

For a team that is on a roll such as Napoli to go down by two that quickly in succession was nothing more than a surprise. They would try to come back, but their passing, shooting and running were all halted by the team defense of the Gunners.

The sad part of the Italian side’s game is the fact that they actually played ball watching with the slightest of pressuring to show the home side respect. Well, this ended up biting them in the rear as they deservedly lost by two, but it could have very well been more.

This Arsenal team was already stacked this season, but when they added the German international in Ozil, the team simply started to play much better. They began to defend, create and attack as an entire team while keeping their discipline at 100 percent, which is why they have been on fire.

The mouth-watering clash that is still to come is the double-header which will take place arguably between the top-two sides in the group: Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund. The Londoners should win the home leg, but the Germans will outplay them in Germany to grab the three points.

At the end of the group stage, the winner will be determined by who performs better in both matches against the other two sides.

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