Adnan Januzaj Saves Manchester United

By Aydin Reyhan
Adnan Januzaj
Photo courtesy of Manchester United’s official Facebook page

Adnan Januzaj, the young Belgian, Albanian and Serbian winger, was given the nod for his first start by Manchester United coach David Moyes ahead of the likes of Ryan Giggs, Ashley Young and Luis Valencia. This was a game at Sunderland that had to bring three points.

Well, thanks to the brilliant second half from the youngster, the points were very much secured.

Whether it was the pass from the left that was cornered home or the brilliant volley that hit the crease in the top corner, the kid proved to the world that he truly is a special talent in the making. He has skill, speed, vision and, of course, as we just found out, the ability to score some magnificent goals.

If there is one part of his game that needs improvement, however, it is the fact that he is very skinny and easy to knock off the ball. Thankfully, he will be hitting the gym as he is getting older and playing more games.

The first half brought United a shocking deficit after a failed clearance was hit home by the hosts. United struggled to get back into the match, and were lucky not to be down by two, or even three, late on.

The second half was the break-out 45 minutes of Januzaj’s career, as he hit both goals that truly mattered for United.

If there was any question of United pondering the idea of handing in an offer to extend his contract, it has certainly been answered. This was just one game, but he gave the team an idea of what he is truly capable of providing. At the age of 18, this is truly just the beginning.

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