Jack Wilshere: Midfielder Believes National Players Must Be Born in England

By Aydin Reyhan
Jack Wilshere
Photo courtesy of Jack Wilshere’s official Facebook page

The Arsenal No. 10, Jack Wilshere has made some controversial comments that only English-born players should be able to wear the colors of the English national team. He did not name anyone that he thought should not have the right, but many people assumed that he was talking about a youngster who still has the option to play for the Three Lions in the future, Adnan Januzaj.

This young winger is still at the early age of 18, which means that he is still a developing talent that is already capturing the admiration of all that witness him on the field. Someone with his skill set that is already playing in the Premier League and shining means that he definitely has a shot at the English national team one day in the near future.

Wilshere truly believes that players should be born in England as the nation is relying too much on foreign talent within their top league to make it exciting. The English team currently at hand is quite talented but they do not have what it takes to defeat some of the better sides in Europe or South America for that matter.

A cricket player that was born outside of England but represents that nation took to Twitter to have a light argument with the young midfielder regarding his comments. Wilshere claimed that he was only speaking about the sport of soccer. Honestly, that can be misinterpreted. Of course when he says that about a sport, he should realize he’s saying it about everyone, as a nation is one as a whole.

When asked about Januzaj, he said that he wished he were English so that he could play alongside him. Well, if the kid does choose England, he can play for them after living on their soil for five years.

Frankly, the English-born players are talented, but they have so much young foreign talent that could truly help them in the future. Therefore, Wilshere is simply wrong.

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