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Building a World Soccer Dream Team XI

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Building a World Soccer Dream Team XI

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The World Cup is unlike any other sporting event. The world seems to stand still for the beautiful game as every soccer fan worldwide, and even some who aren’t soccer fans, come together for a display of sporting greatness that results in just as many celebrations as it does heartbreaks.

It seems like every time a World Cup comes around, there are discussions and even arguments on who the best players in the world are. There are so many extremely talented players in the world that it’s extremely difficult to determine exactly who the best are at any position.

Luckily for you, I’ve done it for you and compiled a list of the best players at each position worldwide. So, whether you’re a casual soccer fan who wants to know who to be on the lookout for in Brazil next summer or a diehard international fan that can name every player on every country’s under-17 team, then this is the cheat sheet for you.

When it came to choosing the players for the World Dream XI, I looked at their form with their national team, the success of their national team, their importance to the national team, their overall popularity and their form with their club teams.

If you think that a player has been left out that you think should be a member of the World Dream XI or that one or more of these players don’t deserve to be on this list, feel free to state who and why in the comments below. Here is the list of the top-11 players in the entire world of international soccer:

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No. 11 Goalkeeper – Manuel Neuer, Germany

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The German is clearly the top goalkeeper in the world despite strong opposition from Spain's Iker Casillas.

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No. 10 Left Back – Philipp Lahm, Germany

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He may be short, but Lahm is no pushover. He's one of the best players on one of the best defenses in the world.

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No. 9 Center Defense – Thiago Silva, Brazil

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Silva is the captain for Brazil as well as a strong presence in the Brazilian defense. Leadership is an important quality in a world-class defender.

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No. 8 Center Defense - Nemanja Vidic, Serbia

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Vidic is just fantastic in the air, which is extremely important against great international teams. If you can win the ball in the air, it can disrupt a talented offense.

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No. 7 Right Back – Sergio Ramos, Spain

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As if his performance for Real Madrid isn’t enough, for Spain he plays even better. The Spanish defense is the best in the world, and Ramos is a consistent star.

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No. 6 Center Defensive Mid – Marouane Fellaini, Belgium

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This addition may come as a surprise to some, but he’s essential in the midfield for a very strong Belgium team. Belgium is one of the dark horse teams to win the World Cup, and Fellaini will be crucial to their success.

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No. 5 Right Midfield – Arjen Robben, Netherlands

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Robben is one of the fastest players on the ball in the entire world. He can be the difference maker in a big game.

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No. 4 Left Midfield - Franck Ribéry, France

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The heart and soul of France, Ribery is a feisty midfielder that likes to pass just as much as he likes to score.

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No. 3 Center Attacking Mid – Mesut Ozil, Germany

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There isn’t a better passer in the entire world. He’s had the most assists of any player in the last two years.

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No. 2 Striker – Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

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It would be impossible to have a Dream XI without Ronaldo. He’s an amazing athlete and an even better goal scorer.

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No. 1 Striker – Lionel Messi, Argentina

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It’s impossible to explain how excellent of a striker that Messi is. He always seems to find the back of the net and is always in the right place at the right time.