Turkey's World Cup Dreams Dashed By The Dutch

By Aydin Reyhan
Arda Turan
Photo courtesy of Arda Turan’s Facebook page

As much as it personally pains me to write about this, it has to be done. Turkey were deservedly defeated by a Dutch national team by a score of 2-0 at home last night in their final WC Qualifier. That’s right, they lost 2-0 at home on one of their biggest religious holidays in a game that they absolutely had to win in order to make the WC play-offs.

They had no passion, no heart, too much fear and the inability to match the Dutch tactically as well as physically. They were outmatched in virtually almost every single category.

It was nothing short of a a disgrace.

Yes we all know that Holland is much better individually and apparently as a team as well. However, in a game that shouldn’t have mattered to them but meant everything to the home side, more was expected.

The most sour moment of the game was when Fenerbahce‘s Dirk Kuyt flicked Galatasaray‘s Wesley Sneijder through ball to score the second goal of the night. Think about that for a minute: the only two Dutch players who play in the Turkish Super League killed any hopes of a Turkish comeback. Yes it is a job that they absolutely had to do but coming from them only added salt to the wounds.

One ounce of respect from me to Sneijder is that he did not celebrate at all after scoring. He simply looked to the ground then walked back to his side of the field. That was a truly professional move by one of the best Dutch midfielders in history. If only he could bring that form over to Galatasaray this weekend.

Regardless, Romania finished in second to advance to the play-offs while Turkey is definitely out. Until next September, Turkey will not partake in a competitive match. The UEFA EURO 2016 qualifying campaign commences early that month. Hopefully for their sake, they will become better as a unit tactically and perhaps face an easier group of nations.

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