Can Arsenal Continue Winning Ways in English Premier League?

By Aydin Reyhan
Photo courtesy of Arsenal’s official Facebook page

Arsenal currently sit atop the Premier League after a more than decent start to their campaign. The addition of the brilliant Mesut Ozil has only oiled the triumphant engine of the Gunners as he is assisting his teammates at will with their already successful passing game. He basically makes this team run even smoother.

The team has yet to play the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea, but they are up to the task as keeping possession, defending, attacking and scoring hasn’t been a problem as of late. Of course those four teams are capable of defeating them, but if they let their midfield create, their defense defend and the attackers can put the ball home, there should be no problems.

The EPL is a league full of teams that can win on any given day against lesser, equal and better teams. The only problem with most of the clubs is consistency, and this is something that the Gunners have worked on tirelessly this season. Due to this dedication they are in first place in both the domestic league as well as the Champions League. They just have to continue this working ethic to keep on rolling in order to stay atop the standings.

Coach Arsene Wenger has instilled pretty much the same playing style: pass, pass and pass until an open shot is ready to be unleashed. He was considered lucky to keep his job after last season, but the board’s trust in him only shows that his bond with the club is truly strong. Therefore, he has rewarded this trust by bringing in one of the best midfielders in the world (Ozil) to milk his squad and raise them to new heights.

Arsenal is a club that is ready to win back the league title and perhaps even the UCL one day soon. Time will tell everything.

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