Chelsea Should Retain Thibaut Courtois Over Petr Cech

By Juan Pablo Aravena
Kyle Terada – USA Today Sports

Chelsea have been one of the better teams in Europe in the last decade as they became a major powerhouse following Roman Abramovich’s arrival, and they have been able to win several accolades throughout the years thanks to a solid defensive line and the steady contributions of Petr Cech behind the posts.

The Czech goalkeeper has been one of the leaders of a team that was won it all and he’s a well respected figure both on and off the pitch at Stamford Bridge but despite that, his status of being an irreplaceable player could be over soon.

The Blues have an up-and-coming goalkeeper in Thibaut Courtois, who has been on loan at Atletico Madrid for the last two years and is currently completing his third loan stint at Vicente Calderon. He’s slated to return to the Premier League once the 2014 World Cup is over, and both players would battle to be the starting goalkeeper next season.

Courtois, however, sees it differently. He’s not eager to join Chelsea and has declared on repeated times that he’s not thinking about a move to England because he wants to stay in Spain, whether he is in Atletico or in another team (as Barcelona are reportedly interested in him as well).

The loan rules of La Liga indicate that a player can be loaned only three years in a row so if the Belgium international is looking for a return to Spain, then Courtois would need to be sold.

Chelsea should do the smart thing and try to keep Courtois at all cost. He’s younger, much more solid and has more upside than Cech, considering that both offer a similar level of play at this point. The Czech goalkeeper was one of the best at one time, but he’s past his prime now and wouldn’t be the best fit for a team that is trying to get younger to maintain their place as one of Europe’s top teams.

If Chelsea decide sell Courtois, they would definitively receive a good amount of cash for him, but it will be a decision they will regret for a long time.

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