MLS: New York Red Bulls Could Clinch Supporter's Shield This Weekend

By Aydin Reyhan
NY Red Bulls
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

After scoring the fastest-ever goal in MLS history at the weekend, the New York Red Bulls are well on their way to lifting the Supporter’s Shield this weekend if they can manage to defeat the Chicago Fire at their very own Red Bull Arena. This will not be an easy task, but in front of their beloved fans, anything is possible.

Tim Cahill was truly the driving force of this team and he should be known as the engine of the roster. He has to be perfect this Sunday against Chicago and if he is, they can easily lift the Shield heading into the playoffs with the most confidence of any MLS side.

The Red Bulls manage to make the playoffs in convincing fashion, but somehow find a way to mess it all up in the first or second game of that stage. They either play with nerves or get caught napping at the back, but all of that can change this year as the roster changes have brought them almost exactly where they want to be.

Jamison Olave is the best defender on this team, and has proven so time and time again with his crucial stops, tackles, clearances and even goals at the other end when need be. He is nothing short of a lock in his position among the back line. Fabian Espindola is a striker that can hold the ball up, dribble, earn fouls and score some spectacular goals when the timing is right.

Thierry Henry has been the leader of this team since his arrival a couple of seasons ago, and is continuing to help the growth of the team continue at top speed. With his guidance, and the newcomers along with Cahill all playing their part, this team can actually win the MLS Cup for the first time.

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