Premier League: Swansea Could Be Future Champions

By Brian Arnaud
Wilfried Bony
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Looking back at the Premier League table 20 years ago, although Manchester United were still champions, the standings looked very different. Blackburn Rovers were second, and Newcastle United ended the season at third. Now the Rovers have since been relegated along with nine other teams out of the 22 that are now either relegated or defunct.

The funny thing is, teams like Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham weren’t exactly on top of the tables either. These teams are now superpowers in the current Premier League, and teams that were playing in the third division are now fighting for their Champions League position,

What about Swansea? At the time, they battled potential relegation into fourth division and financial problems. Just last season, Swansea beat out Arsenal to make it to the FA Cup final and eventually won the competition with a 5-0 win against Bradford City — earning their first major piece of silverware in the club’s history. Now

Swansea AFC is a team that every team in the Premier League can’t take lightly. Since Michael Laudrup took over and Michu was signed, Swansea seems like a Spanish team in Welsh colors. With a new tiki-taka style of play that their current manager (who was also a former Barcelona player) installed, Swansea looks like a team that can take more silverware if they were to pick up more world-class players. They are also currently sitting first in their Europa League group and are also favorites to win the trophy at the end of the season.

If we were to put into perspective what money did for teams like Chelsea and Manchester City, their ability to buy game-changing players made their teams title contenders. Now, Swansea is on the same path with Jonjo Shelvey, Wilfied Bony and Wayne Routledge. Predicting that Swansea can win the Premier League in a few years isn’t exactly far-fetched.

Now that technology company GWFX is backing Swansea, the money pouring in can bring new players and more opportunities for trophies. Laudrup is taking this team in the right direction.

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