MLS Rumors: Vancouver Whitecaps Fire Martin Rennie, Hire Frank Yallop

By Phil Naegely
frank yallop
Kyle Terada- USA Today Sports

occer, the coaching and player carousel is underway. For 10 teams, the playoffs are about to start, but for other teams coaches on the hot seat are about to have their fate decided. According to various local reports, the Vancouver Whitecaps have fired head coach Martin Rennie, and are on the verge of signing Frank Yallop as their next head coach.

In 2013, Rennie failed to lead Vancouver to the playoffs, and it seems like the higher ups were not pleased with not having a playoff berth for Vancouver.

If the rumors turn out to be true, Yallop is a great replacement. He was fired part way through San Jose Earthquakes 2013 season and led them to the Supporters Shield in 2012. Moreover, he has MLS coaching experience and should be able to lead Vancouver to success in the 2014 season. In short, Yallop knows how to both succeed and win in MLS play.

With it looking like Rennie is out and Yallop is in, some Whitecap fans might not like the decision. However, Yallop has a proven track record and coaching experience in MLS. Give the man a chance, and I bet you that Yallop will turn around Vancouver’s somewhat dismal 2013 season. While they didn’t make the playoffs, Vacouver did win this year’s Cascadia Cup.

While nothing is official just yet, reports are suggesting that Vancouver has decided to go in a new direction and Rennie is out. Addtionally, it looks like Yallop will be the man in charge coming in 2014. However, until this news if officially announced by the club anything could change.

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