Vancouver Whitecaps Pick Immature Twitter Fight With Seattle Sounders

By Phil Naegely
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It is well-known that the Vancouver Whitecaps, Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders are all rivals and fight for the Cascadia Cup each year. Well, Vancouver won the Cascadia Cup this year, but failed to reach the playoffs. That is one reason why they fired their head coach. In an order to try to one-up Seattle’s playoff win over the Colorado Rapids last night, they posted a pic of the Cascadia Cup, and the Sounders responded.

cascadia banter
Photo courtesy of @WhitecapsFC

Instead of looking for a fight from either Portland or Seattle, Vancouver should be focusing on more important things like finding a head coach. The Chicago Fire hired Frank Yallop Thursday, who was reportedly on Vancouver’s shortlist to fill the vacancy.

The Whitecaps need to get over themselves. Sure, you won a rivalry trophy, but the playoffs are a little more important. Seattle and Portland will meet this weekend in the Western Conference semifinals, and I can guarantee you that neither team’s players care about who won the Cascadia Cup.

While Vancouver had some witty comebacks, they should have just kept quiet and work on finding a coach and better players if they want the right to make the playoffs. Until then, they should not be looking to start childish Twitter banters with their rival. If you look back at the conversation, Vancouver said it was all fun and games, which it could be, but they shouldn’t start a battle on the official team’s account.

From a PR stance, it looks horrible that they are looking for any way to one-up their rivals on social media. The best way to one-up their rivals and other opponents is on the field.

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