David Moyes' Response To Brooklyn Beckham Hype Was Wise

By Stowe Gregory
Image Courtesy Of David Beckham official Facebook

David Moyes‘ reaction to questions regarding David Beckham‘s son Brooklyn were wise as the press jumped on the hype surrounding Beckham this week.

The former England captain and his son visited Manchester United‘s Carrington training ground earlier this week, with the club believed to be looking at giving Brooklyn Beckham (the eldest son) a place in their academy. Understandably, the interest for such a story is huge; the prospect of a second coming of Beckham is something that would excite many fans. But Moyes reacted well and professionally. He shut down all the hype of the situation in one sweeping answer:

“We don’t talk about young players … You don’t ask me about any other young players so you wouldn’t expect me to answer that, would you?”

The reason why that is an important reaction is that it turns down the pressure on young Brooklyn Beckham, as his father’s past will only ever mean he is hyped up. It also means that Moyes is telling not only the press, but the rest of the club that they all have the opportunity to thrive at United, and that no superstar father will make them a better asset.

Let’s be honest, if Brooklyn Beckham is a talented young teenager, clubs will be interest in him in the years to come as his commercial interest would likely be huge. But right now, the main man in charge at Manchester United has respectfully shown that he has no interest in such matters, and that like every other upcoming footballer, Beckham will be given the full respect and clean slate to start with.

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