Joseph Blatter: Show Some Respect

By Patrick Wynne

Joseph Blatter has become involved in a new scandal that only proves he is a joke and not the right man to lead world soccer´s governing body. His latest hiccup involves Cristiano Ronaldo, considered by many as the worlds’ best footballer, who was singled out and needlessly ridiculed by Blatter. He compared him to Lionel Messi, mentioning the FC Barcelona ace as the better player, while referring to the Real Madrid attacker as a “Sargent on the field”. I’m guessing he meant Ronaldo plays with awe-inspiring passion and his ego sometimes overflows whilst Messi is quiet and discrete. Blatter considers Messi a wholesome young man that every mother would like to have as a child, too bad the argentine resembles his countryman Maradona and his fondness for not paying his taxes.

Back to the topic at hand, Blatter also implied in his pathetic rampage that Messi was superior to Ronaldo because he visits his barber less and is not so carried away by his personal image. Even coming from Blatter, who is known for saying things without thinking them through, that, is really quite a Ludacris statement. Real Madrid´s coach Carlo Anchelotti and club president Florentino Perez have both hit out at FIFA´s president by sending a beautifully well written letter expressing their sorrow at such a shameful event.

Joseph Blatter must realize that being the president of World Football´s governing body comes with a huge amount of responsibility and he must me wary of his every word. He is known for acting like a petulant child and disrespect members of the sporting community. He also lacks respect for FIFA and what it stands for; he has on multiple occasions made decisions that show he only cares about himself and disregards the beautiful game. This man is a ruthless businessman not a sports fan. He should not be speaking his mind.

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