Time for Manchester United to Axe David Moyes

By Patrick Wynne
Manchester United Official Facebook page

Sir Alex Ferguson has certainly been a hard act to follow. So much so that the new man in charge, David Moyes, has looked like a chicken with its head chopped off. He was given a Rolls Royce albeit with no gasoline, and not only has he managed not to fill it he has made it look and feel like a slow Ford. It still seems like the work of a fool to take a team built by a legend and try to change it so that it has his own personal stamp. This David Moyes is Manchester United, not Everton; the fans don’t care about you making this team yours, they care about the one thing Sir Alex Ferguson made them expect: winning.

I am aware that time is what he needs, but I feel that his lack of professionalism is destroying United. He says that young and exciting players who light up the international stage, i.e. Wilfried Zaha, need time to adjust to the United way of life, but from where I stand it looks like the one who needs to adjust is him. Wilfried Zaha was, by the way, the last player signed by Sir Alex who has a far better record of successful purchases and is in fact responsible for finding Adnan Januzaj whom Moyes has used to shield the storm of criticism that has come his way.

He acts as if he were still at Merseyside where a pathetic gutless draw is a good result and defeat is something to be expected. Wake up and smell the roses; defeat at United is synonymous with failure and will in no way be accepted by fans, stakeholders and commercial allies.

It seems as this task has proven to be far too difficult for Moyes to handle, and maybe the most sensible decision would be to remove the tumor before it kills you.

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