Galatasaray: No Wesley Sneijder or Fernando Muslera Could Spell Trouble

By Aydin Reyhan
Photo courtesy of Galatasaray’s official Facebook page

Galatasaray ended up winning at the weekend by a score of 2-1 over Konyaspor, but did end up losing two key pieces from their starting lineup, midfielder Wesley Sneijder and goalkeeper Fernando Muslera. These two guys are considered veterans of this side who can literally make or break games.

Without them, the team will have to rely on younger guys who are hungry for success, but may not be ready for Europe’s biggest stage on the road.

Sneijder will be replaced by youngster Emre Colak, who is an attack-minded player like Sneijder that has the skills to dribble away or around two to three players at once. However, he does enjoy lofting the ball into the area a bit too much as he still lacks the confidence to unleash a shot from roughly 20 yards out. The kid deserves the chance to try his luck since he does most of the work in the build-up.

Keeper Eray Iscan will come in for his first European start and he is one of the cheapest players. His salary is in the range of 2500 Turkish Lira per month. This guy gets paid no more than a full-time employee at a restaurant in the United States. However, the good news is that he will perhaps forget about his salary and put his mind, heart and soul into this game in order to perform at the highest level possible.

He is truly needed by the rather shaky defense which falls asleep at times at this stage. He has to be good — plain and simple.

Prediction: Copenhagen 2 — Galatasaray 2

The home side will push hard in the first half and find two goals, while Galatasaray will score once in either half to share the spoils.

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