MLS: Postseason Embarrassment Continues For New York Red Bulls

By Aydin Reyhan
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In a game where the home side knew that they would have the upper hand throughout, they dominated regulation time but ended up choking once again when it mattered the very most: at the very end.

The New York Red Bulls started out strong with a lucky goal past keeper Tally Hall by Bradley WrightPhillips, who hit home a rebound from a tight angle. That was literally the only mistake that Hall made as he made two sick saves off of unreal deflections, and caught the ball after a plethora of crosses and lofted balls into the area. He has to be voted Houston Dynamo‘s man of the match.

Thierry Henry was nothing short of embarrassing tonight as his best move arrived when he acrobatically kicked the ball off of Houston’s defense then out for a corner. He missed a plethora of shots, sent in awful-looking crosses and played without any passion whatsoever. In fact, his most embarrassing moment arrived when he hit a free kick over the bar in the final three minutes of extra time.

He is supposed to be their best player and captain? Hopefully that turns into a a dirty lie after tonight’s pathetic performance.

Tim Cahill was a warrior as he tried scoring, won a countless number of battles in the air and even dropped back to help out his defense, who looked lost for most of the match. If anyone deserves to be captain and the heart of this team, it is him. He needs to be offloaded this summer as what he does in the regular season will never be enough for the postseason. He has proven this truth time and time again in the past and once again on this very night.

Dax McCarty played well as usual in the defensive midfield area as he passed the ball accurately, kept possession when needed and seemed organized throughout the match. He is nothing short of a mainstay.

Coach Mike Petke coached this game almost perfectly, except he did lose control of his defense. This could perhaps be blamed on the absence of Jamison Olave, who was ejected in the last meeting for a very harsh decision on a foul that he had committed. He has been allowed to build on this experience by learning from this season and somehow finding a way to lose less and win more when it truly counts.

The only positive of the Red Bulls’ season is that they finally have won some silverware with the Supporter’s Shield, which only means that they gained the most amount of points during the regular season. Now, they need to realize that even though they won something, losing at home to Houston after dominating is nothing short of embarrassing. This is something that will never be forgotten and honestly, it definitely shouldn’t.

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