Borussia Dortmund Beaten Undersevedly By Bayern Munich's Moments Of Class

By Stowe Gregory
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Bayern Munich‘s 3-0 win over Borussia Dortmund flatters their performance, but it was their class that made the real difference.

In my opinion, Dortmund didn’t even necessarily deserve to lose. They looked like they wanted it more, and up until Mario Gotze‘s opener, they had the better share of chances. But that was the game changing factor. Dortmund had the better chances, but Bayern was able to deny them and then be clinical.

Manuel Neuer‘s performance wasn’t spectacular, but on multiple occasions, he managed to deny Dortmund from taking the lead. Marco Reus in particular suffered from Neuer’s dominance in goal. If anyone has any doubts about who is the best goal keeper in the world, then they need to watch Neuer in these big games. From punches out of the box to incredible reflexes, he looks so assured; he was one of the main reasons Bayern finished on top.

But of course, at the other end, they had to find the net, and although Dortmund had those chances, the class from Bayern was supreme. Gotze’s outside of the foot opener was lethal. Finishes like that give keepers no chance; as soon as Gotze received the ball, he didn’t even have to adjust, it was a sharp but classy finish.

Personally, I believe that Dortmund looked to be the better team. Their pressing, movement and creativity so nearly gave them three points. But Bayern managed to hit Dortmund on the break, and those individual qualities out shone Dortmund’s efforts. They’ll be sick of playing against Arjen Robben, having scored that winning goal at Wembley in the Champions League final.

I don’t think Dortmund fans should be too disappointed though. The performance was, for me, better than Bayern’s, and there were plenty of positives. The negative, however, is that Bayern can travel to Dortmund and still find a convincing score line when they probably didn’t deserve it.

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