Arsenal: A Move for Arda Turan May Be in the Works

By Aydin Reyhan
Arda Turan
Photo courtesy of Atletico Madrid’s official Facebook page

Arda Turan may very well be on his way out of Spain to join the Premier League, with Arsenal being his most likely destination. This reason for this transfer would be to add a bit more calmness on the ball for the Gunners as their current roster of midfielders enjoy passing the ball around constantly to create more space and scoring chances as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Turan currently plays for Atletico Madrid, who currently sits in second place right behind Barcelona as they truly are title candidates this season. The question does loom, however, of whether he will wish to depart the league smack dab in the middle of a season where he is one of the main playmakers while wearing the prestigious No. 10 for them. He truly is needed and is always a guaranteed starter when healthy.

One reason that he would like to join the club is the fact that Arsenal do enjoy playing a Spanish style of soccer – pass the ball, make runs, shoot when there is a perfect chance present and never stop trying until the very final second of the game. This is a reason why the Gunners currently top the EPL.

Another great reason as to why he would want to join is to be playing alongside the Turkish-born German international attacking midfielder Mesut Ozil. With him they can cause so much havoc upon many if not all of the opponents in the league and even go further in the Champions League. Both players have the qualities that a No. 10 truly needs so putting them together could bring about many good things.

However, there could also be some bad.

Turan loves having possession of the ball and does tend to dribble a bit too much when it comes to the Turkish national team. Watching him for Atletico he does seem to pass the ball more, but he still tends to make the same mistakes over and over again by taking on too many players and hogging the ball when he really shouldn’t.

If Turan could get past those flaws and play the cold-blooded way that he normally does he could make one of the biggest impacts in Premier League history. If he were to join it would take a whopping $30 million to lure him over from the high-flying Madrid outfit.

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