Fatal Soccer Stadium Collapse In Brazil Puts Focus Back On 2014 World Cup Stadium Construction Progress

By Phil Naegely
England World Cup Soccer - Wembley Stadium
Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

With Brazil speedily working towards completing their stadiums ahead of the 2014 World Cup, tragedy struck one of them today. In San Paolo, a partial stadium collapse reportedly took the lives of three construction workers. According to the Associated Press, “a metal structure buckled and caused significant damage and three deaths.” Take a look at the damage for yourself:

This latest tragedy is the latest in a string of issues stemming from Brazil this season. During the Confederations Cup, Brazilians organized mass protests during the tournament that threatened team and fan safety. Before this construction incident on Wednesday, the Itaquero Stadium was almost complete. However, today’s unfortunate incident will cause a delay in the stadium’s completion. Even worse, this stadium is supposed to be used on the first day of the 2014 World Cup.

The Itaquero Stadium isn’t the only stadium facing fast-approaching deadlines. With the latest incidents, FIFA needs to head back to Brazil and check up on the completion status of all stadiums. It would be horrible if a stadium is not completed as planned, as Brazil just can’t seem to shake off its back luck.

The time is now for both FIFA and Brazil to proactively meet and figure out a plan so that every stadium can be finished on time. If Brazil fails to meet the deadlines, the 2014 World Cup will be a black eye for the Portuguese-speaking country. Additionally, they are set to host the 2016 Olympics and plan on using many of the same stadiums.

It is imperative Brazil quickly recovers from this construction accident to make sure their stadium construction plans remain on schedule. Missing deadlines at this point will not bode well for FIFA and the many millions of fans expected to flock towards Brazil in June on 2014.

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