Arturo Vidal Enlightens Juventus to Qualification

By Riccardo Di Julio
Arturo Vidal
Image courtesy of Arturo Vidal official Facebook page

It is a well-known fact that, usually, great teams are made up of great players. Over the course of soccer history, the world’s best teams have always been characterized by legendary individuals who have reached immortality after as they have written memorable pages of glory year after year.

In the case of Juventus, great players are usually recognized as men with superb qualities in terms of character and determination, more than anything else. Commonly nicknamed as the Soldatini, which means little soldiers in Italian, Juventus players are often known as the men who never give up, even during the most difficult times.

It is only enough to think about certain names, such as Pavel Nedved, Edgar Davids, Marco Tardelli, Giampiero Boniperti and even the coach Antonio Conte to understand why the Bianconeri are Italy’s most titled team.

Moreover, the belief in these qualities is the main core of Juventus culture. As a matter of fact, the standards by which the club determines what players to buy every summer are entirely based on this belief. As a consequence of this policy, every great generation of Juventus has always had this kind of players.

The current squad is not an exception to this rule as demonstrated by the great qualities shown at every game, especially by Gianluigi Buffon, Andrea Pirlo and Arturo Vidal.

These three players have become the main leaders for the Bianconeri, carrying the rest of the team in their shoulders with enormous determination. The most recent example happened last night at Juventus Stadium in the extremely delicate Champions League game against Copenhagen in which the only acceptable result was the victory, achieved thanks to a stupendous performance by the Chilean, who scored the first hat-trick of his career and put Juventus back on track for qualification to the next round.

The 3-1 final is a real demonstration that Juventus can rely on its leaders when needed, considering that Vidal’s last two goals arrived right after the Danish side had just tied the game and emotionally killed their ambitions.

For the 26-year-old midfielder, the Copenhagen match is only another episode of leadership at Juventus. As a matter of fact, ever since he joined the club in 2011, this kind of events have repeated taken place in multiple occasions. Out of all, the most noticeable took place last year at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea, when he led Juventus to a historic comeback after being down by two goals.

Vidal, injured in one leg, starred the turnaround moment for the Bianconeri by scoring an unexpected goal by the end of the first half that gave his teammates the necessary motivation to  get back into the game.

As of today, Juventus is first in Serie A standings and will play the most important match of the year on December 10 against Galatasaray in one of the most difficult grounds in Europe. Until then, its fans can peacefully sleep knowing that Vidal will be there to lead the team to another great performance.

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