Premier League: Manchester City-Swansea Preview

By Aydin Reyhan
Man City
Photo courtesy of Man City’s official Facebook page

Manchester City will be hosting Swansea City this Sunday in Premier League action with the home side expected to win by at least two or three goals.

Obviously, both sides are in Europe, but Man City are doing quite well for themselves in the UCL whereas the Swans just lost the Europa League at home to Valencia. The home side is stronger in every single position on paper, but it takes one moment of weakness to break a game defensively. They both have what it takes to win in this league, but if they do not let one another play their style, then winning will be absolutely difficult.

Here are some keys to this game that the home side can use:

Man City basically has to play their usual 4-4-2 and press from the very start. By doing this last weekend against Tottenham, they earned a whopping 6-0 victory. Pressure, passing, concentration and taking advantage of most of their scoring opportunities will get them the win. Even if Swansea play a defensive style and rely on the counter, it will be hard for them to face a setback if they stick to the plan.

Swansea should have a bit more of possession when the home side gets a bit tired. But if this happens, they need to make sure that they will not get as tired so they can push forward to score as many as possible. They will have to rely heavily on Bony Wilfried, who practically did nothing against Valencia in European play last night.

Prediction: Man City 4, Swansea 1

The home side will dominate when it comes to creating chances and putting them away while the opponents will have a bit more of the overall possession.

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