Ronaldinho: Transfer to Besiktas More Than A Rumor?

By Aydin Reyhan
Photo via Ronaldinho’s official Facebook page

Ronaldinho is perhaps known as Brazil’s best modern midfielder in history as he has won a WC, the UCL with Barcelona and is loved by all colors of rivals and favorites alike. He is a true legend that still has at least two good years to offer his very best.

Well, this should mean that a return to Europe is not out of the question.

One team that has been linked with the Brazilian sensation is out of the Turkish Super League, Besiktas. The team  is already stacked in the midfield as they have a set of smart veterans in addition to developing youngsters who are learning at a rapid pace in one of the more physically challenging leagues that Europe has.

One of BJK’s representatives apparently traveled to Brazil and sat down with Ronaldinho’s agent, Roberto De Assis, who is also his brother. talks have been developing and whether a deal is set in pace or not remains to be known, but a definite no has not been issued.

Ronaldinho would automatically enter the fray in the starting 11 of the team and would immediately become a fan favorite. He would be the next big thing after the club had the pleasure of having Ricardo Quaresma on board for two to three seasons. The difference is that Ronaldinho always puts his heart into the game and almost never complains. He is pretty much one of the cleanest players that the game has to offer.

If he were to join BJK, the Turkish Super League would gain a larger viewership and the team would have an even better chance in the title race.

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