Hull City Owner Assem Allam Has Entered A Perilous Area With Supporters

By Stowe Gregory
Image via @hullcityteam on Twitter

Hull City owner Assem Allam has entered a perilous area with his club’s supporters and his future with the club is surely now in doubt.

The 74-year-old Egyptian born businessman is now on a slippery slope as he gave a jibe towards his own club’s fans stating; they ‘can die as soon as they want’. This all follows on from the mixed feelings at Hull surrounding the owner’s idea to re brand the club as the ‘Hull City Tigers’.

It is a really dangerous move from Allam. Playing with the traditions and loyalty of Soccer fans is a desperate game, but using careless and rather dangerous comments is asking for trouble.

We’ve all seen how fans will band together in protest against their clubs owners. Just look at Manchester UnitedArsenal and perhaps most successfully Liverpool. It doesn’t matter how much money you bring, if you fall out with the fans as an owner, you’re in serious trouble.

If progress of a club increases then it is perhaps easy to get away with owner and fan divisions; we saw that with Cardiff City who’s red color scheme change was overshadowed by a rise to the Premier League. But Hull is likely to be fighting near the foot of the EPL all season.

That’s only going to heighten the unrest between fans and Allam. It’s something Hull could do without desperately. The focus needs to be on the pitch but it is almost natural for fans to fight against leadership that seems to heartlessly alter club traditions.

I feel like Hull fans could well have accepted these name changes, with the acceptance that to progress they need to think commercially. But with Allam using rather abusive responses, why would Hull’s supporters have any reason to stand by and watch their club be dictated?

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