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Serie A: Napoli Thunderous in the Capital


Photo courtesy of Lazio’s official Facebook page

Napoli are becoming a true force as they were able to defeat Lazio in a convincing manner earlier today in the Italy’s capital of Rome.

The home side know how to attack, but when it comes to defending they are almost always susceptible to trickery, speed and an abundance of players who always seem to join the attack for their opponents. They have to deal with tough players all week, but this week was something different.

Gonzalo Higuain, Jose Maria Callejon, and Lorenzo Insigne are three of the fastest and most skilled players that the Italian Serie A has to offer. The first two were able to combine for three goals out of the total four they managed to put into the back of Lazio’s net. Basically, their offense is stacked, but some other areas of their team could use some work.

The defense is sometimes played by only three men which means that they are almost always welcoming other teams to attack. Since their offensive players and midfielders are skilled enough to create attacks and hold the ball up, it should be okay to bring back one guy to form the formidable four-man back line. Today they actually did this, but it still needs work from the players.

If they can figure things out, this team can actually go somewhere and perhaps win the title by as early as next season.

As for Lazio, this team has a chance to win their Europa League group when they host first-placed Trabzonspor, whom they trail only by two points, on the final mach day. They were able to come back from 3-1 down to salvage a 3-3 draw in the last ten minutes of the match and are the early favorites.