Top 5 Players in La Liga

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Real Madrid

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Real Madrid and Barcelona are the very best sides in Spain's La Liga. There are simply no ifs, ands or buts about it. They have been sharing the spotlight atop the league for the past several seasons, and their players can be thanked for this.

Barcelona has a bunch of leaders within the club that make them click like a never-dying clock. Their style of soccer can be so annoying at times, but simultaneously it can be nothing short of a beauty.

Real Madrid has a bunch of well-paid superstars that at times cannot mesh well on the field against the braver sides of the world, but when they are on their game it is almost too difficult to defeat them.

The other sides in the nation have good players as well, but honestly, they are not worth mentioning as of yet since they have not done much on the biggest stages in Europe or winning the title in their own nation.

Basically, there are players form both Barca and Madrid who should automatically go down in history as some of the league's and world's greatest talents. Their respect for the game on and off the field is more than admirable, and their love is simply phenomenal to watch. If it were not for these guys their clubs would be immensely struggling to win games since the better sides need to rely on specific players.

They say that soccer is a team game where one or two players can not do it all. Well, that is true for most sides, but for these aforementioned clubs there are the irreplaceable ones.

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5. Angel Di Maria

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This young man is currently enjoying his fourth season as a Real Madrid winger and is rightfully back in the starting lineup. Sure he is only starting due to the fact that superstar Ronaldo is currently unavailable due to an injury. In fact, Di Maria is starting down the left right where CR7 would while Bale occupies the right.

Here it the beauty of Di Maria's game: he can run for days, will take on more than one opponent at a time and is never afraid to cross the ball into the area or let a shot rip on frame whenever he desires. He is one of the few players on this squad that will go against the coaching to make something happen all on his own. This is exactly what makes him one of the very best.

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4. Neymar

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This young man is currently playing in his first season as the starting man down the left flank for Barcelona. His speed, dribbling ability and knack for scoring important goals are why he is so dangerous.

He does have his one big flaw which is easily getting frustrated when things are not going his way. In addition, he is prone to being fouled quite a bit by opponents who do not appreciate him constantly trying to dance around them.

Once he beats his flaws and gels every part of his game he will truly be one of the best in the world.

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3. Gareth Bale

Photo courtesy of Gareth Bale's official Facebook page

The young Welshman is literally the most expensive signing in history and is finally beginning to live up to the hype. He is truly the very best on the team right now as he is fresh off of a hat-trick against Real Valladolid over the weekend.

He is not afraid of anyone and is always cutting into the middle from the right to create chances for himself and teammates. In addition, he is a free-kick master which is another asset that makes him ever so dangerous.

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2. Leo Messi

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Due to the injury that he has been facing, Messi cannot be called the best at the moment as he is unable to influence the team the way he has to. Even when he was playing Messi was easily read by defenses around the league which forced him to give the ball up quite a bit more than usual.

Regardless, he is still considered one of the very best in the world and is expected to make a brilliant return sooner rather than later.

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1. Ronaldo

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This man has unfortunately missed the last two games, but he truly is aching to get right back on the field. In fact, before he was slightly injured, Ronaldo had been scoring most of his side's goals and in sensational ways as well.

He can run, he can dribble, he can overpower and he can change games in the smallest of instances. The man is 28 but still looks like he can play for many more years to come.

Judging by his recent performances, Ronaldo is the only realistic candidate to win the Ballon d'Or later on this season. He definitely is the top player in Spain right now.