Why Switzerland Doesn’t Deserve A Spot In Pot 1 Of the World Cup Draw

By Patrick Wynne
Photo Courtesy of FIFA World Cup Official Facebook Page

The 2014 FIFA World Cup draw takes place in Brazil on Friday, December 6 . The eight top-ranked teams are placed in Pot 1 and are considered the heads of the group, meaning that they are expected to make it out of the group alive. Switzerland is controversially ranked amongst the best in the world and has successfully secured its spot in Pot 1.

Most teams will be hoping to avoid every team in Pot 1 (Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Belgium) except for Switzerland, who does not seem to be very complicated, at least on paper.

It still seems very strange that they are in Pot 1 ahead of England, Italy and Holland. The three all progressed from far more difficult groups and have players that are miles ahead of any Swiss player. Most teams in the entire draw seem to be more dangerous than Switzerland, and that just shows how pathetic the FIFA ranking system is.

Even several teams outside of Europe such as Japan, Ivory Coast and maybe Mexico, who struggled mightily to reach the World Cup, look like they are better equipped to fight the big dogs of international football.

On a more positive note, that means that we will have more excitement than ever because the groups will be a lot more competitive than before. Switzerland doesn’t deserve to be in Pot 1 and probably will not make it out of the first round. It would make a good statement if it happened because FIFA would have to change their grading system.

They do however, have a few interesting players such as Eren Derdiyok, goalkeeper Diego Benaglio and Bayern Munich hotshot Xherdan Shaqiri. These three players make Switzerland somewhat vibrant and flashy, but they still lack quality, composure and skill.

It is truly mind-blowing that this team who were unable to qualify to last year’s European Cup are now one of the best-seeded teams in the world. They should not only not be in Pot 1 but they should consider themselves lucky to be in Pot 4.

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