World Cup 2014: Multiple Groups of Death Likely Coming From Draw

By Aydin Reyhan
RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

We are all accustomed to only one or two Groups of Death tops when it comes to the FIFA World Cup. However, this year is promising to bring at least two to three, which will be almost too much to handle. Here are some of the possibilities:

Brazil, Chile, USA, Holland
Argentina, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Portugal
Colombia, Nigeria, Japan, France
Belgium, Ghana, South Korea, Italy

Right there, there are four possible Groups of Death that could actually be drawn out this Friday during the World Cup draw. These four groups are mouth-watering if you really think about it.

Brazil is the host, which automatically makes them one of the top favorites. Chile only lost to them by a score of 2-1 in a recent friendly where both sides were absolutely at the top of their level. The U.S. would have trouble defeating either side, while Holland is already considered one of the best. It would be a battle between Chile and the Dutch for second.

Argentina are automatic favorites, while Portugal would be expected to finish second. Ivory Coast and Mexico would give the others a run for their money, but realistically, they would stand no chance at advancing from their particular group. Colombia and France would be favorites to win their group, while Nigeria and Japan could both spring some surprises, as all four sides would know how to upset or defeat one another.

Belgium and Italy would be battling it out for first in their group, while Ghana would try to use their speed and strength to upset the other teams. South Korea would be in big trouble if this was their group as on paper as they are the weakest.

Folks, these groups would be quite awesome due to the competition levels that each nation brings. However, there would also be a lot of heartbreak as anything could happen in soccer … especially in the World Cup.

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