Manchester United Still Missing Something

By Aydin Reyhan
Man United
Photo courtesy of Man United’s official Facebook page

Everton was an opponent that was unable to defeat Manchester United in over the past 30 meetings. Well, that certainly changed today as Everton’s duo of Brian Oviedo and Romelu Lukaku connected in the final four minutes on a goal that will not be forgotten at any time soon.

Another bittersweet moment for United coach David Moyes is the fact that he lost against his former club in his first match against them as the coach of Manchester. It is sweet that his old club won, but bitter as anything that his new one lost at home to them for the first time in 21 years.

Maybe he let them win? There is no way that would happen at the most popular club in England because if he did, he would be sacked quicker than he could blink.

Regardless, Everton are playing quite admirably under new head coach Roberto Martinez as he is allowing the players to play a free but firm style of soccer. They attack as unit, defend as a unit and are not afraid to hold on to the ball in the middle of the pitch. The point of this game s to keep the opponents as far away as possible from your own frame. Well, that was certainly the case.

Man United should start to hit the panic button a bit as they now trail league-leading Arsenal by a total of 12 points with only 14 games having been played. The good news is that they did defeat them at home so they are in the Gunners’ heads ahead of the rematch next year at Old Trafford. All they need to do now is start wining multiple games while hoping that they lose more — a lot more.

Until they find out what exactly it is that they are missing, they will continue to get into trouble as this league is full of teams that could upset them on any given day. The coach is good, but he needs help form his players as they need to get used to his system and find that same confidence from a year ago.

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