Manchester United: Time For David Moyes To Go

By Patrick Wynne
Photo Courtesy of Manchester United´s Official Facebook Page

Pathetic, lame, boring, horrifying and disgusting are all adequate ways of describing Manchester United‘s maiden season under David Moyes‘ tutelage. By now, I should be tired of screaming at the top of my lungs that this pathetic excuse of a football manager, who never achieved anything at Everton, is completely destroying the team I love.

I can’t for the life of me understand how someone could possibly manage to mess it up so badly. Sir Alex Ferguson left him the Premier League champion squad, and he is incapable of picking a decent starting 11. Not only is it the exact same squad, but he added a huge curly haired flop by the name of Marouane Fellaini and promoted Adnan Januzaj from the reserve squad.

I will further bash Moyes for taking full credit for playing Januzaj when he did not purchase him — it was Ferguson we can thank for that.

He would not have even been in my top-15 manager shortlist because he has never proved he could win. He did a relatively decent job at Everton, but never won a trophy or qualified them for any European tournament. Everton are actually playing better without Moyes and Fellaini thanks in large part to Roberto Martinez, who actually won the FA Cup with Wigan. Moyes is better equipped to manage Fullham or Queens Park Rangers.

There is still time to inject some much-needed punch to United, as a new vibrant and successful manager could turn this miserable season around. I am all for sticking to the plan and giving a manager some time, but Moyes has proven that he is unworthy of the grand honor bestowed upon him.

Everton finally defeated Manchester United at Old Trafford like Moyes promised so many years ago. He also promised that he would help achieve that, and boy did he have a hand in it today. Pathetic coaching and even worse choices have led to him being one of the most scrutinized managers in the world.

Moyes, please walk away before you are kicked to the curb and the team’s only hope (Wayne Rooney) decides it is time to leave for greener pastures.

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